CTA announces 2013 international conference on ICTs in agriculture

CIAT Kisumu 13
A maize farmer in Kisumu, Kenya who has signed up to receive text messages from the CIAT-led Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS). The messages provide vital information on crop management, including planting times and fertiliser application. PHOTO: Neil Palmer (CIAT).

If you are interested in the use of ICTs for agricultural development then mark this date!

From 4 to 8 November 2013, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) hosts its 2013 international conference in Kigali, Rwanda. The theme of the conference is  ICT4A: Creating the Digital Springboard for 21st Century Agriculture. The conference focuses on the use of ICTs in agriculture with particular emphasis on value chains, advocacy and policy development.

Find out more from the conference website, www.ict4a.org, where you can also sign up to receive a monthly conference newsletter/update.